Dos Equis Creates Smart Ads That Get Funnier Each Time They Air

Posted 5 minutes ago by Dos Equis

On March 14, Dos Equis will invite drinkers to “Keep It Interesante” with a new campaign that celebrates storytelling. But what you may not know is that the new spots are engineered to get 2 percent funnier each time a viewer sees them.

That’s right, in an effort to keep drinkers interested, the brand used proprietary learning technology to create spots that get 2 percent funnier each time they’re viewed.

Brand Manager Hannah Dray was quoted as saying, “When beer drinkers are out at night, we want to encourage them to tell a better version of the truth to keep their stories interesante. And nothing’s more interesante than an ad that’s exactly 2 percent funnier every time you see it. We think the ad will really appeal to people who love things that get exactly 2 percent funnier every time they’re viewed.”

Look for the campaign to roll out this week. We think you’ll agree that, with ads that get exactly 2% funnier each time they air, Dos Equis has definitely kept things interesante.

Is any of this true? It’s interesante, isn’t it? And really, that’s all that matters.